Little Red Vocalist Quits, Future Of Band In Doubt?

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Little Red Vocalist Quits, Future Of Band In Doubt?

First Jet broke up, then Short Stack, could we be about to see the end of Little Red? Following months of industry speculation on the future of the group, one of the members has finally confirmed that he is leaving Little Red for a side project.

Founder, vocalist and keyboard player Tom Hartney, announced his decision depart from the widely popular Melbourne group via a press release circulated earlier today. Hartney stressed that his decision was made so he could focus on his side-project Major Tom & The Atoms, but rumours persist of a major rift in the band.

Starting off in high school, Little Red quickly found success with their debut album Listen To Little Red, which they quickly followed up with a more polished sound with sophomore Midnight Remember, featuring their hit single ‘Rock It’ which made it to #2 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 in 2010.

But success doesn’t come without its pitfalls, and Little Red were said to be fighting for some time about the future direction of the band. Although no official announcement has been made regarding other members, drummer Taka Honda is also said to have also left some time ago and is reportedly now residing in Japan.

Hartney issued a statement through his publicist this afternoon saying, “After six years of extraordinary adventures with my high-school buddies Little Red, I have decided to move on to focus exclusively on my new band Major Tom & The Atoms.”

“Although more recently with Little Red I have mostly found myself behind the keyboards, my true passion has always been singing! Over the years many drunken punters have praised my baritone crooning abilities and now we will find out just how drunk they were…”

“I am very excited to be taking this first step into the great unknown, and could not be better equipped for the voyage than to have the passionate and creative individuals of Major Tom & The Atoms on board.”

Major Tom & The Atoms have recently finished recording their debut EP, SHAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT, with Sydney producer Tony Buchen. Due for release on June 1st the band will celebrate with launches in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide in early June.

It is unclear at this time whether the band will continue without Hartney and Honda. Management are said to be preparing a statement, and according to Mess+Noise the band will continue work on a follow up to Midnight Remember.

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