Kate Miller-Heidke Attacks ‘Pot Kettle Fuckwit’ Anthony Callea

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Kate Miller-Heidke Attacks ‘Pot Kettle Fuckwit’ Anthony Callea

Former Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea has the felt the vicious sting of Kate Miller-Heidke following his criticism of her appearance on Monday evening’s episode of Q&A.

FasterLouder reported that the pop kook “didn’t offer many views or opinions” during her appearance on the ABC’s discussion program. Alongside a panel that included Labor and Liberal representatives as well as a financial businessman, Miller-Heidke fluffed her way through questions concerning union corruption and the carbon tax. Offering an apathetic “I don’t really care about either of them, to be honest, sorry”.

She piped up however, over the gay marriage issue, criticising Julia Gilliard’s policies as “crushingly disappointing” and “morally vacant”.

Many, including Idol runner-up Callea, took to social media  to slate the pop star’s appearance. Callea’s tweet discrediting her saying, “there is one person on the panel tonight that is a total waste of space….embarrassing rep for Gen Y!”

Miller-Heidke quickly retorted on her own account with a catty: “Pot Kettle Fuckwit.”

It’s a pity Tony Jones wasn’t available to ejudicate “Fuckwit? I’ll take that as a comment”

Kate Miller-Heidke closed the episode of Q&A with a performance of “Sarah,” taken from her latest album Nightflight, which you can view below.

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