Miike Snow

Jeffers Chew on 6 August 2012 in Gig Reviews

Miike Snow

Performing on 30th July 2012 @ The Metro

The night’s proceedings kicked off with Melbourne act CLUBFEET, who provide a synth heavy set. The half-Australian, half-South African group play alluring music and their pronounced influences include Junior Senior and fellow local act Cut Copy.

It’s an enthusiastic performance that gets the huge crowd bopping along to their charming hooks. The disco-noir feel, with vocals very much like Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, make this a great and appealing surprise support act. Look out for them as they could provide next Summer’s soundtrack.

Indie-pop act Miike Snow, are two thirds Swedish producers Bloodshy & Avant and one third Mark Ronson collaborator, Andrew Wyatt. Touring in support of recently released sophomore album Happy To You, they walk onto stage in black hoodies and gold masks to a pumped and packed Metro.

With smoke machines and strobe lighting in full effect, they begin with ‘Enter The Joker’s Lair’, a slow building melodic song. One thing is clear, is the sound is much fuller and bass heavy in the live setting. Continuing next with ‘The Wave’, Wyatt prowls the stage and it’s easy to hear the sounds are more textured as well.

The electronic goodness really ramps up with ‘Cult Logic’ and the Atari beats as Wyatt sings “can you free me from the logic that I knew / I believe it even if it is not true.” Then there are the martial drum rolls of “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)” – it feels like hit after hit is being delivered.

The crowd is heaving at this stage as they unleash ‘Pretender’ and ‘Silvia’ mid-set in quick succession, with ghostly vocals reaching crescendo whilst being awash in synths. The punters tonight are full of fanboys moshing like it’s the 90s. It’s fun, fresh and addictive.

The quietest moment comes from ballad ‘God Help This Divorce’ which, while being dreamy and mellow, allows the crowd to catch their breath.

The pop gems continue with big hit ‘Black and Blue’ from their debut album, with the lighting synced to the music to provide visual stimulus. There’s a giant sing-along as Wyatt and crowd bellow in unison – “How long has it been/ shall we get into it again?” from the very first chords. Overall the chemistry just works from which ever angle you look at.

A defining standout of the set was single ‘Paddling Out’ which delighted the crowd and had Wyatt bounding up and down, side to side of the stage singing: “There is someone here who laughs too hard at everything / You say isn’t hard / Paddling out, paddling out!” with the punters flailing their arms in the air. This would go down a treat in any festival setting.

Not surprisingly they end the gig with an electrifying version of ‘Animal’ which brought the house down. Miike Snow clearly aimed to make every last punter leave the venue sweaty. It’s an impressive set of Miike Snow’s seamless fusion of dance and indie music.

Roll on to the week! What Mondayitis?

- Jeffers Chew

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