The Delta Riggs & Money For Rope – Double Vision Tour Diary

Sarah Guppy

on 21 August 2012 in Tour Diaries

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The Delta Riggs and Money For Rope are currently out on the road touring Australia. We got an update from Monte of The Delta Riggs on all the happenings backstage.

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    The Delta Riggs and Money For Rope are currently out on the road touring Australia. We got an update from Monte of The Delta Riggs on all the happenings backstage.

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    Well it’s been a while between drinks for us lately and when I say a while I mean a couple of months, but in band terms that’s like a fucking light year. Being the “Under promise/ Over deliver” type group that we are, we decided that a 3 hour rehearsal would suffice for preparation for this tour with our Melbourne buddies Money For Rope. Silly lads we are.

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    First stop we had Bondi, Beach Road Hotel, now usually on a Wednesday night this place gets rammed and rowdy with people all ready to have a big ole night.

    Tonight didn’t seem to have that usual vibe to it, maybe the Season finale of Channel Tens AMAZING hit show “The Shire” was on the television. Who knows? We rolled up around 8pm and do the usual load in/ dinner combo. I had a steak; it was a little over cooked but nonetheless delicious.

    The Money For Rope guys hit the stage with what sounded like a crack of thunder, these guys use 2 x drum kits so their sound is quite monstrous. Great band and great bunch of guys, this is going to be a great little tour.

    We came on a little late due to a couple of technical issues that saw our little guitar player Tristan indulge in some diva-esque behavior and leave the stage mid song to sit cross-legged on the side, all while writing off the poor stagehand who he had decided to treat as his own personal tech for the night. Prick.

    For our first show back in 3 months this wasn’t too bad, the crowd was receptive and we got through it fine. It just wasn’t The Delta Riggs at our best, but some of you loyal followers out there will know that our B game is still something to be witnessed.

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    Next stop is Newcastle. I’ll tell you what Newie was alive tonight. After a quick load in Elliott, Simon, Tristan and I went to find somewhere to have a pre show drink and stumbled upon a gaggle of people crowded around a tiny store. We wandered on in to see what the fuss was about and it was a little art exhibition absent of any form of art.

    We all sauntered in, picked up a cup of the free wine which was remnant of cat piss, did a loop and left. We then proceed to another little bar that was full of 40+ year olds and a guy with a grey beanie singing his little heart out to all the classic hits. Tristan states that “if this guy was dating my sister, I’d be so off it” and Simon gets approached by a 55 year old cougar who couldn’t keep her eyes off of his voluptuous lips. Classic.

    Tonight’s show was much better than the previous. The Cambridge was close to full and both Money For Rope and us kept the energy levels high and had great shows. During our set this guy with a Nirvana shirt passed out during one of our songs, I was watching him and he was just too paneled to be coherently upright. There was this woman trying to pick him up, but she was just merely exacerbating the situation by dragging him across the front of the stage. Within 3 minutes the guy was up on stage with us singing the chorus to Money. Did I mention he was about 45 years old? What a legend.

    The night ended with a bit of a dampener as I had left Elliott’s phone on a table and it was long gone. Needless to say I was (and am still) the subject of a vehement grudge…

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    Saturday morning we all woke up feeling a little worn out and run down. We were scheduled in to head to Manly to perform a couple of live tracks at The Pine Street Sessions. The set up and vibe was really cool here. I am into what they are doing. We performed an unrehearsed bossa nova version of Counter Revolution. It was awesome. After downing some Rekorderlig Cider that was kindly bestowed upon us by Josh and the rest of the legends who looked after us we headed to The Annandale for load in.

    The Annandale is a great venue, so much history in one building. I had a great feeling about tonight and that feeling didn’t prove to be wrong. It was packed, it was sweaty and it was punk rock. After inviting about 40 people up to the office and 4 cartons of beer, we got moved on and headed for the city lights.

    Cut to 3:30am and Tristan and I found ourselves at a bar full of creeps. It quickly became apparent that everyone was on the same batch of drugs. A special mention must go out to this one guy who looked like he was getting hit with a Taser gun whilst sucking on a sour atomic warhead. Picture that. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He definitely scared me into being more sensible on tour.

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    Sunday our weathered crew drove down to Canberra, a city we have always tried our best to enjoy.

    The opening band set the tone for the night by playing to just Money for Rope and us. I have to mention that the despite the lack of audience they really went for it, albeit if no one from their own town made it down to see them shred.

    We went on and opened up with our bossa nova version of Counter Revolution, we played a fairly relaxed set – picking some favorites and rarities to delight the few punters in the room and stretch our legs a bit.

    The in between song banter saw Elliott spout some of his best work. That is to say for once I wasn’t in perpetual cringe of his insistence for every audience member to reach out and touch somebody. He got a little something going and easily dispatched of a friendly heckler and we had a few laughs and jammed out old favourites ‘Never Really Liked You’ and ‘Heavy Water’ for the people.

    Next stop is Melbourne, which we are psyched for.

    Thanks for reading.

    Monte (The Delta Riggs)