Ben William Announces Ep Launch At The Wesley Anne In Melbourne

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Ben William Announces Ep Launch At The Wesley Anne In Melbourne

Singer/songwriter Ben William is on the cusp of releasing his self-titled debut EP, something of a decade-long personal process since falling in love with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and other 60’s luminaries in his formative years.

Quickly learning his preferred instrument, William began performing at various parties and events in what would unwittingly become his ‘Hamburg Years’; a period in which the artist would hone his talents and broaden his repertoire.

Since refining his craft with Melbourne band The Vedettes, William has managed to skilfully blend his rock and folk influences, resulting in the uniquely gritty, whiskey-fed pop tomes evident on this short-player.

Espousing a raw and stripped back sound, William’s assertive vocals act like a backing band, giving the sparse instrumentation an emotive and immediate colour. As his influences would suggest, William’s tuneful songs allow the melody to flourish, creating an intriguing combination with his muscular singing style.

Lyrically, the songs read as a stream of consciousness as William honestly portrays the experiences and emotions that have led him to this juncture. Says William:

‘’There’s no one way I go about writing. Sometimes you just pick up a pen and before you know it you’ve done a whole page. Sometimes it’s a specific idea or subject you want to write about. Mostly done with a bottle of whiskey beside me, I just try to write honestly about whatever the feeling is on the day and see where it goes. Sometimes the tune comes then the words follow, sometimes the
other way around.’’

Recorded in quick time at Melbourne’s Salt Studios, the EP encapsulates the artist’s intention of recreating his live show on disc. Apart from a few overdubs, what you hear is the real Ben William,live and unadorned. That’s exactly the way he wanted it.

Catch Ben William when he launches his EP on:

Friday 14th September @ The Wesley Anne

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