Every Single Song By Pharrell Williams Is Exactly The Same, Here’s Proof

22 May 2014 /

Every Single Song By Pharrell Williams Is Exactly The Same, Here’s Proof

Forget the popular theory that the eternally youthful-looking producer-singer-rapper is a vampire, the real Pharrell conspiracy has been uncovered.

Pretty much every single song in the prolific hit-maker’s bulging CV, from his earliest production job on ‘Right Here’ for SWV in 1993 through to his 2013 solo album G I R L, use the exact same trick.

Whether it’s lending his golden touch to the likes of Jay Z and Snoop Dogg through to divas like Beyoncé and Shakira, all Pharrell-branded tunes start with the same intro: taking the first beat and looping it four times over before diving straight into the song.

Don’t believe it? Go take a spin of Pharrell’s back catalogue. His team-up with Robin Thicke on last year’s ‘Blurred Lines’; his beat for Frank Ocean’s ‘Sweet Life’; Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’ – each starts with the same four-beat loop. In fact, a whopping seven of the ten tracks on G I R L, including his Daft Punk victory lap ‘Gust Of Wind’, uses the technique.

To prove it better and more quickly than scouring through Williams’ decades-long credits list, Discopop (via Stereogum) called the hat-toting performer out on his “rubbish intros” by putting together a megamix of Pharrell’s intros to prove it.

The compilation proves that the snappy technique makes for comical listening when placed side by side. Label it a producer’s stamp, call it a sure-fire radio-friendly technique – whatever – the four-loop intro obviously hasn’t harmed Williams’ way to the top of the pop music big leagues.

Take a listen and view the megamix tracklisting below.

1) SWV – Right Here
2) Jay-Z – Frontin’
3) Kelis – Milkshake
4) Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like Its Hot
5) Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
6) Shakira – Why Wait
7) Frank Ocean – Sweet Life
8) Pharrell Williams – Brand New
9) Paloma Faith – Can’t Rely On You
10) Pharrell Williams – Happy
11) Pharrell Williams – Hunter
12) Jay-Z – I Wish
13) Pharrell Williams – Gust Of Wind (feat. Daft Punk)

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