Track By Track: Pierce Brothers – ‘Night Tree’

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Track By Track: Pierce Brothers – ‘Night Tree’

Following on from managing to sell 25,000 CDs in a year without the aid of a record label, Melbourne multi-instrumentalists the Pierce Brothers are releasing their Night Tree EP today Friday May 30th, the EP has already cracked #7 Alt iTunes chart and #33 on the overall iTunes chart.

To celebrate, the indie folk siblings are heading off on an 11-date national tour, spanning capital cities and regional venues across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

The Jack and Pat gave us a track by track run down on the EP which includes three bonus live tracks ‘Empty Canvas’, ‘Blind Boys Run’ and ‘Flying Home’ you can stream the album now, for more info on the boys and and to pick up a copy of the EP visit

It’s My Fault

“This track came out as a surprise to both of us. We wrote it while in transit, waiting to board another airplane between London and Melbourne. We’d both had a few drinksand by the time we took it to the studio Jack had forgotten he’d written the lyrics that he’d sent to Pat. It’s probably the most self loathing song in our repertoire; but that’s not a bad thing! Everyone loves being feeling a little bit of self pity from time to time!”


“Genevieve was the first word we ever learnt to spell. G-E-N-E-V-I-E-V-E. Our beautiful older sister used to drum it into us so we’d never get it wrong. We put it together for her wedding; we love her dearly. This is my [Jack] favourite song in this playlist.”

Golden Times

“This track is the only studio track that isn’t done to a click, we felt that it needed to be really organic and have that kind of hoedown feel about it. We originally had some other instruments but then we’d started to verge on full blown country. Once you start pursuing that road it’s so difficult to stop! Country is so much fun! We had an awesome time recording it, I think the song jumps up about 10 BPM by the end! Perfect for a hoedown!”

Tallest Teepee In Town

“This was written about a beautiful teepee in Byron Bay that we spend time in every time we stay up there; cheap and fun! It wasn’t until the very end of recording the track that we decided to put the whistle in (again, a bit of a country feel!). This is definitely the most rock-sounding track on the EP, with the really straight drum line that kicks right in. We still have trouble whistling on stage though.”

White Whale

“This is the oldest track on the EP. We recorded this one years ago in a little studio near Yarra Glen, and did the whole thing acoustic and on the fly. We always wanted to explore a bigger sound for it, and wanted to throw a little bit of a Fleet Foxes feel into the mix. Then we just played the tune out until we felt that we’d gotten somewhere. We were stoked with the outcome! On stage, when it’s just the two of us we fill the sound in with a djembe and kick drum; so the energy is always there. We just had to work on getting that energy into the studio!”

Empty Canvas (Live)

“This is probably my [Jack] favourite song on the EP. The last three are all live versions of the previous EP Blind Boys’ Run that we recorded at the Northcote Social Club in December last year. When the half time tambourine drops with the drum its one of my best feelings. Playing a slow song is rare as for us, we need to do more of it! Must get writing…”

Blind Boys Run (Live)

“This was a song written about when we both worked in an emergency room; and a western film. You’ll notice the clear “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” riff at the start. Yeah… I think we’re getting a little more country every day!”

Flying Home (Live)

“This is probably our most jump-about, sing-along song for our live show. Pat wrote this one and brought it to rehearsal a couple of years ago, and since then it’s been a staple of busking in Melbourne and abroad! This particular recording features our close friends and supports for that fateful night at the Northcote Social Club: John Lillis, Brooke Taylor and Tanya Batt singing along in the background! That was a fun night!”

National Tour Dates

Saturday 31st May – The Armidale Club – Armidale
Wednesday 4th June – Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane
Thursday 5th June – Solbar – Maroochydore
Sunday 8th June – Hotel Brunswick – Brunswick Heads
Saturday 14th June – Westernport Hotel – San Remo
Friday 20th June – Golden Vine Hotel – Bendigo
Thursday 26th June – Shebeen – Melbourne
Friday 27th June – Shebeen – Melbourne
Saturday 28th June – Spirit Bar – Traralgon
Friday 11th July – Hotel High Plains – Dinner Plain
Saturday 12th July – The General – Mt Hotham

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