Melbourne Should Have A Rock Walk Of Fame, Says Cherry Bar

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Melbourne Should Have A Rock Walk Of Fame, Says Cherry Bar

It’s widely regarded that Melbourne is the rock n’ roll capital of Australia and now one of the city’s rock hotspots is proposing the creation of an iconic landmark to honour Melbourne’s music heroes.

Cherry Bar co-owner and devout rock domo, James Young, has put forward a proposal to the local music community to “put AC/DC Lane to work to honour rock n’ roll” by creating a Walk of Fame at the CBD Laneway, similar to Hollywood’s or the one located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

“Rock n Roll Hall of Fames cost too much and don’t make money. We’ll never get one here. But we need some appropriate way to honour our legendary Australian rock artists,” writes Young in a post issued to the official Cherry Bar Facebook.

Young’s already got some inspiration for names to honour, in the form of the recently deceased singers of The Divinyls, The Angels, and The Masters Apprentices.

“Only recently we’ve lost Chrissy Amphlett, Doc Neeson and Jim Keays, to name but a few,” he writes. “My idea is that we create a Walk of Fame for these fallen rock n roll soldiers in and on AC/DC Lane Melbourne.”

“We need to honour our legends and respect their contributions to Australia and the world. And what more fitting place than AC/DC Lane?”

“In my head I see impressive brass plaques (shaped like Australia with a guitar neck coming out of it) embedded into the cobblestones of AC/DC Lane engraved with half a dozen bullets points on the career highlights of the pictured and honoured Oz Rock Legends.”

Young’s proposal includes the creation of an independent group, headed by Music Victoria CEO Patrick Donovan, for the selection of Aussie artists to honour, and envisioning “City of Melbourne paying for this, not the ever-giving rock public…”

Asking the ‘Cherry Massive’ for their thoughts, Young has already rallied support behind his Walk of Fame concept, with the post reaching nearly 1,000 ‘likes’ and a swell of supporters since it was proposed yesterday – including those offering to raise money or even engrave the honorary plaques (we smell an awesome crowdfunding campaign cooking).

“We need to honour our legends and respect their contributions to Australia and the world. And what more fitting place than AC/DC Lane? We don’t want tourists just taking pics of a street sign. We want to create a fitting rock n roll experience around what this Lane represents,” Young concludes.

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It’s not the first time a public music figure has pushed for Melbourne to honour its rock heritage. Last November, the ever-Akubra-wearing Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum was pushing for the development of an Australian Rock Hall of Fame that “has to be in Melbourne,” coinciding with the opening of the Mushroom Group’s ‘Music, Melbourne + Me exhibition, celebrating 40 years of the label and city’s mutual history.

“We just need to find a building, or the government needs to find a building. Then it’s a matter of funding it,” said Meldrum, who has previously lent his support to a campaign to get a Melbourne laneway named in honour of Chrissy Amphlett; a movement which was met with bureaucratic red tape despite a large public following and initial approval by Melbourne councillors.  

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