This Week’s 9 Best New Tracks

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This Week’s 9 Best New Tracks
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Every week a plethora of big name acts, Australian musicians and little-known musos drop brand spankin’ new tracks on the internet. We’ve trawled through the internet to find some of our favourites and plucked them from the masses.

The Vines – ‘Metal Zone’

Now that we have the second full-length song from the 22-track Wicked Zone however, ‘Metal Zone’, it looks more likely that the troubled Aussie rock band’s first ever independent release is going to be quite the comeback album.

‘Metal Zone’, along with the similarly no-nonsense ‘Out The Loop‘, makes up for just 3:47 minutes of the new album we’ve collectively heard – and if you pre-order Wicked Nature from PledgeMusic you get instant access to another three tracks. But combined, it’s actually got us pretty excited about The Vines again – something we never thought we’d declare a few years ago. (AN)

BRONCHO – ‘Class Historian’

BRONCHO are a power-pop, garage-punk band from Oklahoma. Formed in 2010 by Ryan Lindsey, their latest single ‘Class Historian’ sounds like The Ramones channelling T-Rex, dirty and fuzzy, but still undeniably sweet. Their upcoming album Just Enough Hip To Be Woman is out September 19 via Dine Alone/ Cooking Vinyl Records. (LD)

Alt J – ‘Left Hand Free’

Following on from the brooding, Miley Cryus-sampling ‘Hunger of the Pine’, the British group have shared ‘Left Hand Free’, a song that frontman Joe Newman explains was whipped up in 20 minutes around a “joke riff” in order to appease their US label.

Knowing that ‘Left Hand Free’ is a piss-take – its growling blues guitars aping The Black Keys, its organ dabbles jokingly dotted – doesn’t strip away any of the swagger or appeal of the track. Even Newman’s non-sensical come-on of “N-E-O, O-M-G, gee whiz girl you’re the one for me“, is as silly as it is a indicative off the band’s off-kilter delivery of traditional indie rock elements. If this is the sound of Alt-J selling out, it strangely suits them. (AN)

Banoffee – ‘Got It’

Banoffee is Martha Brown, a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter with an inexplicably intriguing presence who concocts futuristic, left-field pop informed by her highly-attuned R&B sensibilities.

On her new track ‘Got It’, which has been a highlight of her recent live shows, Brown conveys the bittersweet taste of a souring relationship through poetically mundane anecdotes, somehow perfectly capturing the melancholic feeling of a growing emotional distance. Banoffee has all the makings of a counter-culture pop poster girl  – an Australian Grimes or FKA twigs comes to mind – and it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches on. (DM)

Mersey – ‘On A Lease’

‘On A Lease’ is the first release from new Melbourne band Mersey, featuring Tim O’Connor of local band Ballads and Thomas Hyland of Melbourne (via Tassie) band Ivy St.

The four piece haven’t really been in a rush to play many shows, get any band shots, or drop any releases, until now. This first single has the driving bass of The Native Cats, and guitar pop sensibilities of The Go-Betweens - safe to say it’s a pretty promising release. (LD)

Interpol – ‘All The Rage Back Home’

Interpol have unleashed the second taste of their forthcoming fifth album, in the shape of ‘All The Rage Back Home’ which opens the anagram-titled El Pintor - and it’s a glorious bait-and-switch.

Beginning with a lacerated guitar melody from Daniel Kessler and the trademark foghorn vocals of frontman Paul Banks, it seems like overly familiar Interpol territory. But just when it seems like the track is resigned to a maudlin mid-tempo, in crashes drummer Sam Fogarino to crank the BPM, bringing along some revivifying wall-to-wall rhythm guitar. (AN)

Matt Berninger & Andrew Bird – ‘A Lyke Wake Dirge’

Need further proof that high quality TV dramas and great music go together? Well look no more because the foreboding tones of The National frontman Matt Berninger and folk sensibilities of Andrew Bird have teamed up to soundtrack AMC’s period spy series Turn.

The haunting track contains the subject matter of souls crossing over to purgatory so prepare yourself for some serious melancholy. Then of course there’s Berninger’s eerie voice, which have the same effect here as on ‘Rains Of Castamere’. However troubadour Andrew Bird provides a lighter juxtaposition with his vocals providing a touch of urgency as a choir and clash of instruments draws the track to a close. (CT)

King Tuff – ‘Eyes Of The Muse’

King Tuff is back with new tune ‘Eyes of the Muse,’ and is it banging. Vocally, it appears King T has given his pipes are bit of a wash, removing a layer of his abrasive delivery and calling upon the ghost of T-Rex’s Marc Bolan to produce a rocking fuzzer that harkens back to the carefree glory days of sixties-psychedelica and glitter-sprinkled glam-rock.

The Love Junkies – ‘Television’

Produced at the haunted Astor Theatre in the Perth Suburb of Mt Lawley by the band’s guitarist/singer Mitch McDonald, ‘Television’ is a perfect example of their attention grabbing grunge-infused rock the band execute are masters of. If the upcoming album is anything like this new single – we’re definitely in for a treat! (LD)

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