Allday Owns Troll By Freestyling Over A Fart

11 Jan 2016 /

Allday Owns Troll By Freestyling Over A Fart

One flatulent Allday fan recently thought he was getting the better of the acclaimed Australian rapper when he sent him a video of himself farting, but has now been bested if not outright crushed by the Adelaide wordsmith.

After noting that the unsuccessful troll’s fart sounded quite a bit like a snare drum, he decided to sample the flatus (it means fart, look it up) in question, turn it into a beat, and unleash a freestyle over the top of it.

“I just wanted to bless you with this,” the troll wrote to Allday, who took the anonymous man’s backdraft and turned it into a blissed-out, purple-ised beat that sounds like something off an A$AP Rocky mixtape.

Allday got a helping hand from his housemate, producer Tigerilla, in craft the beat. Taking to Facebook, the producer recounted, “Yesterday Allday asked me to help make a beat out of this guys fart so he could rap a 16 over it. This is how it went….”

This dude sent me a video of him farting, so I sampled it and rapped on itThanks to my housemate Tigerilla for the help

Posted by Allday on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Filed: Local News

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