Just what are DJs doing back there? Pretending to press buttons? Actually pressing buttons? Praying their pre-recorded set doesn’t start skipping? Plotting world domination? Maybe we’ll never really know.

Sure, we have a few clues thanks to videos like that famous clip of Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, and Sander van Doorn touching various parts of a mixer whilst doing a whole lot of head-bobbing and arm-raising.

But leave it to One Day crew member Joyride to go all Breaking the Magician’s Code on us and finally reveal what DJs are getting up to as we’re all busy partying the night away (or day, as it were).

In the interests of science, Joyride had a crew “strap a GoPro to my dick” to show what the Meeting Tree member gets up to when performing a typical set. Check it out in the hilarious promo video below.