The New Music You’ll Be Hearing On triple j Next Week

24 Nov 2016 /

The New Music You’ll Be Hearing On triple j Next Week

Each week, triple j give us a heads up on the new music they’ll be pumping through our stereos, so we thought we’d pass the news on to get you geared up.

This week’s feature album, unfortunately, is a complete mystery at this stage – but that just means we’re probably in for a pleasant surprise. Still plenty of music to be had though, with DUne Rats getting some play for their cheeky weed anthem ‘Scott Green’ and Big Sean and Childish Gambino picking up spots in the rotation on behalf of the U.S.

Twelve Foot Ninja may have missed out on the Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal ARIA, losing to King Gizz, but they get a spin on triple j as consolation – here’s the full list.


Full Rotation

Big Sean – ‘Bounce Back’
[Def Jam/Universal]

Childish Gambino – ‘Redbone’

Dune Rats – ‘Scott Green’
[Ratbag Records/Warner]

Golden Features – ‘Wolfie’ (Ft. Julia Stone)

KDA – ‘Just Say’ (Ft. Tinashe)

Loyle Carner – ‘The Isle Of Arran’
[AMF Records/Caroline]

Twelve Foot Ninja – ‘Sick’
[Volkanik Music]

Vallis Alps – ‘Fading’


Clubfeet – ‘Canyons’

Columbus – ‘Say What You Want’ (Ft. Alex Costello/Jordan Black)

Horrorshow – ‘Push’ (Ft. Taj Ralph)
[Elefant Traks]

Kita Alexander – ‘Damage Done’

San Mei – ‘Rewind’

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