You Can Listen To The New Nine Inch Nails EP Right Now

23 Dec 2016 /

You Can Listen To The New Nine Inch Nails EP Right Now

A few days ago we were given a pleasant surprise with the news that a new Nine Inch Nails EP would be dropping before the end of the year and, sure enough, BAM – here it is.

Titled Not The Actual Events, it comes to us as five tracks, and sounds as confronting as you’d expect a NIN record to be, having been described as “unfriendly and impenetrable” by Reznor in the announcement last week.

“It’s an EP that ended up being the proper length to tell that story,” he added, although what that story is exactly is probably up for interpretation. The record is the first produced in partnership with Atticus Ross, pictured above, who has gone from a longtime collaborator of Reznor’s to a full member of the outfit with this new release.

You can give all five tracks a listen below, or pick up a one-sided vinyl copy online, while a four-record reissue of the Fragile LP is also available as of now.

Not The Actual Events

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