While Kevin Parker has spent much of his time recently rubbing shoulders with the Josh Hommes and Lady Gagas of the music world, he’s still a Perth native through-and-through, and showed out recently to join in a protest gig in his hometown under his moniker ‘DJ Defs Worth It’.

The free gig, billed as ‘LIVE! In The Wetlands’, also featured sets from the Parker-produced Koi Child, Pow Negro, The Waifs’ Donna Simpson and more, and was organised by Families For The Wetlands to push back against the recently-approved Roe 8 highway extension.

Construction has already begun on the project, which has been met with fierce opposition from locals, and slammed as “wasteful and destructive” by the event organisers due to the environmental and economic impact. The gig followed protests from the local community on the proposed sites, which have caused minor disruptions.

It’s always good to see big names turn out for a good cause, and Kev’s no stranger to playing smaller gigs, of course, having recently slipped back into the country for a secret show with his old outfit Mink Mussel Creek, featuring Pond frontman Nick Allbrook.