triple j Defends Against Sexism Complaint By Shouting Out All Their Female Presenters

10 Jan 2017 /

triple j Defends Against Sexism Complaint By Shouting Out All Their Female Presenters

Not everyone is happy with triple j’s choice of breakfast presenters following the departure of long-serving proponents of the legionnaires hat and ‘tune rag’ Matt and Alex, with complaints coming in that the station has just done a straight swap by replacing the duo with two blokes.

This comes despite the fact that the new duo of Ben & Liam are also joined by journalist Brooke Boney and comedian Gen Fricker – both of whom, we’ll rather redundantly point out, are women – as well as ‘Australian Paralympian of the Year’ Dylan Alcott.

A complaint has picked up quite a bit of attention on triple j’s Facebook page since yesterday, pointing out that while Brooke Boney is covering news, sports duties are being handled by Dylan Alcott.

The implication here was that triple j feels that women can only handle so much airtime, but it’s a claim that has been mostly shot down both in the comments, and by triple j themselves.

The Twitter account for triple j Mornings with Zan Rowe, which runs from 9am-12pm every weekday, made a rather pointed comment highlighting the twelve hours of uninterrupted programming each weekday featuring female presenters.

With two of the five morning presenters being women and a huge chunk of the programming also helmed by them – not to mention triple j’s longstanding record of employing plenty of female talent – they seem to be doing a pretty good job in our books.

The real test is whether their new core duo will click with an audience that is already painting them as being a little too similar to radio stars Hamish & Andy.

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