Really, right now, it seems like there’s nothing Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino can’t do when it comes to entertainment. From making self-produced mixtapes and comedy sketches, through huge rap records and TV roles, and now onto playing Lando bloody Calrissian in Star Wars, throwing us for a loop with his cracking new album, and winning two Golden Globes for his work on own TV series Atlanta – he just seems unstoppable.

At this stage, we fully expect a presidential run in years to come and a solo mission to Mars to cap it all off, but for now most Aussies would settle for his new series being made available in our country without resorting to piracy or other dodgy practices.

Well, good news for fans of The Don, as the newly-awarded Atlanta is set to make it to our shores after a bit of a wait, courtesy of SBS and its channel-formerly-known-as-SBS 2, VICELAND.

The collab with the VICE network has been showing a pretty great range of content since its introduction late last year, sourced from SBS2’s previous catalogue as well as the doco-heavy coffers of VICE. Atlanta will make for a perfect addition to the station, and a nice surprise for those of us who’ve been hanging out for it since it first made it to the telly in the US.

There’s no date set for its arrival as of yet, but we’re sure SBS are keen to capitalise on the buzz from its fresh Grammy win for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, and Glover’s own nod for best performance in the same category.

Hopefully the deal will extend to the already-confirmed second season, too – and won’t make us wait quite so long.