Run, Wild and All Mine by Dead Letter Chorus

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Run, Wild and All Mine by Dead Letter Chorus

Dead Letter Chorus’ 2011 album ‘Yearlings’ has finally been released in the last week with added bonus material, so I thought I’d take this chance to remind you of this talented Australian band. Much to my dismay, Dead Letter Chorus (I’m surprised they haven’t been forced to change their name with the similarities to another popular band, Dead Letter Circus) is one of those bands who I think have been struggling to reach the top. Although they have been featured at some big Music Industry showcases with great feedback, have been backed strongly by The Js and have had this track “Run, Wild” plugged on a fairly recent Toyota ad, they haven’t necessarily made a huge impact on Australian audiences. Maybe it’s their time because this is a wildly catchy folk-orientated track with a driving rhythm and cute ‘da-di-dah’ backing vocals.

Dead Letter Chorus – Run, Wild – Single 2010 by Code One

It’s infectious isn’t it? All that chanting, clapping and tambourine shaking should be enough to get people off their butts and get jigging! Let us know your thoughts! While I’m at it, here’s another track, one you may not have heard before from the latest release ‘Yearlings’. A little more of a solemn, mellow track…

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