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Heeeello, I am Jordy from a band called Shady Lane. We’re about to release our second album called Built Guilt. It’s a pretty different one from our first which was all electronicy bedroom musings, whereas this one’s plenty more guitar and organ and synth real drums. It’s all very exciting and a tad weird. See ya!

What’s your earliest memory of performing and who inspired you to start?

I remember the extreme awkwardness the first time I tried singing into a microphone at school, rehearsing for a music prac. Probably Year 9. I think it was Smashing Pumpkins ‘Soma’. Classic.

A friend told me afterwards “yeah, that was pretty bad.” From that moment onwards I was determined to perform in front of people without making a tool of myself. Still working on it.

You must answer this question honestly or we steal your rider. What and where was the first gig you went to?

Silverchair, Spiderbait and Even at the Easter Show ‘96. I spent as much time on my brother’s shoulders as he could handle and was pretty devastated I wasn’t allowed in the pit.

 ‘Fess up. What records have you stolen from your parent’s record collection and why?

My folks aren’t exactly the most musical people. My mum had some Kenny G and Enya. She was a Beatles fan in her childhood but there was never anything lying around the house. I think the only thing I have from her is a 7” of Imagine.

My Dad had a cover album of poorly done Beatles covers that he must’ve picked up in a bargain bin. For a few years I thought that’s what the Beatles sounded like. Fortunately, they don’t.

What’s on heavy rotation on your iPod right now?

Bowie – Ziggy and Space oddity
Melvins – Stag
Can – Ege Bamyasi
Neu! – Neu 1

How do you find new music?

To be honest, I don’t, unless it stumbles across me. My musical knowledge is pretty pissweak. I spend most of my time listening to old stuff. It’s not that I don’t like new music. I just feel there’s so much old music to catch up on that I can’t keep up with what’s going on now.

Do you have any particular ritual before you go on stage, or even a lucky charm you take with you?

I’ve occasionally gone on a mediative jog about half an hour before playing. It seems to clear the lungs and wake you up a bit.

If you could curate your own festival, where would it be, who would be on the bill, how many people would you let in and what features would it have (attractions/food/bars etc)?

I think 60 people is kind of ideal. One stage. One day. Backyard. Cans of VB.

SPOD, Fishing, Naughty Rappers.

Ok, this happened a few weeks ago but why dream?

When you’re Rolling Stones Big, what are you going to request on your rider: don’t be shy. We want specifics!

An assortment of cheese, fruit, fresh socks and shirts, a toothbrush, razor, towel, snuff box, cards and anything else that makes one feel like a new human being.

Because it’s more fun to do things together, which living Australian artist would you most like to collaborate with? Tell us why?

Hmmmm…I’d like to collaborate most more with members of my own band. It’s hard enough to get the time to write music with them.

But for the sake of the question….Dirty Three.

What is your band’s music the best soundtrack for?

Crying over childhood photos in your bedroom.

Where we can see you play next, what releases do you have available and where can we get them? 

We’re playing May 11 at FBi Social for Hello Vera’s EP launch.

Again at FBi Social for their Winter Party June 1.

Currently working on our own shows so we’ll keep you posted.

Shady Lane 

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