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Melbourne rock band Trial Kennedy have decided to call it a day, after recording and touring since 2004. The band issued a statement exclusively to Tone Deaf this morning, breaking the sad news:

Friends, lovers and all people who have supported Trial Kennedy over the years. We come bearing some news…..

Some news that the band has decided to call it a day. For a number of reasons all of us in the band have chosen to close down the project that is Trial Kennedy

We are calling it a day with our heads held high for we have had the most incredible time as Trial Kennedy.

We’ve had the amazing pleasure of writing and recording 2 albums that we loved, 2 EP’s and a split EP, and have had the upmost pleasure of touring Australia literally hundreds of times.

We have spent more hours in overcrowded and uncomfortably crammed 12 seater Europcar vans travelling up and down the Hume. We have slept on more floors and played more gigs to just the bar guy and the sound guy that we ever thought we would. We have been charged ridiculous amounts by Virgins excess charges on so many occasions we could have bought our own plane, and we have spent many years chasing the dream that is Trial Kennedy and we feel like we are walking away happy.

We truly hope that Trial Kennedy has been a great experience for you guys too. And we all must say this is the end of one musical chapter but the beginning of many more so look out in the future. Who knows what the future holds.

We have also met some of the most inspiring and driven music fans we ever thought possible through playing in Trial Kennedy, we have made life long friends in every state around Australia, we have forged musical bonds with bands in so many towns on so many tours that will last a life time.

We have achieved so much that we are so bloody proud. We have all come to a stage in our musical and personal lives that has seen us looking to other avenues, exciting new avenues.

These are all positives. We are nothing but stoked with what Trial Kennedy has made us achieve in all our lives and for this reason we want to say thank you to YOU.

We are going to play our last final tour in June getting to all the places we can possibly can. We know some places will be upset that we didn’t get there but this is all that is possible for us to get to and we hope if you are a fan of Trial Kennedy you will understand and come along to a show closest to you and enjoy your favourite songs and help us hang up the TK boots.

We will be forming a set of what YOU want to hear so lets get the party started and the ball rolling. What do you want Trial Kennedy to play on their final tour ever?

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