Mixtape #3

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Mixtape #3

Missy Higgins – Unashamed Desire

It’s not surprising that in her five year hiatus that Missy Higgins might have plenty to share on her upcoming third record, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle. ‘Open up my chest and take what you like’, she solemnly dares. The dual backing vocals attribute the song with a dark quality early on, before it changes into a powerful chorus. Interestingly enough, her producer Butterfly Boucher featured the song on her third self-titled album, released in early April. If this song is anything to go by, then expect Higgins’ new album to be a much more mature and maybe even somber collection of songs.

Planet Love Sound – My Shadow

On this ominous and brooding piece of composition it’s easy to see where the bands influences of Radiohead, PJ Harvey and Portishead fit in. Made up of the remnants of Dukes of Windsor; Joe Franklin and Oscar Dawson join vocalist Tina Stefanou in making what they call ‘experimental/psychedelic pop’. ‘My Shadow’ comes from the first of two EP’s that the band will be releasing in 2012. With a build towards a heavier focus near the end of the song, you get the feeling that the song could be primed for sound-tracking a dramatic film trailer.

Playwrite – Borderline

Listening to the start of ‘Borderline’, I didn’t know what the soft, subtle intro had in store for me. Then came in the voice of Caity Fowler, her high-pitched vocals counteracting the calm tones to create layers of amazing sound. Jordan White also joins her, their voices mesh extremely well together. It’s easy on the ears, but stills packs a punch in the chorus with the lines, ‘I’m the happiest boy in the world, and you gave that back to me.’ I can’t imagine ever getting tired of this track.

Jack Carty – She’s Got A Boyfriend

What I like about Break Your Own Heart, is that each track has a very different sound, showcasing the range of Carty’s talents. The lyrics in this track make you really want to listen and hear what the story is behind the tune. I especially enjoyed the lines, ‘she’s got a boyfriend, cuts the sleeve off all his t-shirts. Got a bathroom in his bedroom, he’s so pretty that it hurts’. There’s a choir style sound towards the end, where a group of voices overlap Carty in the chorus, creating that country folk sound.

Courtney Barnett – Lance Jr.

Lance Jr. is off Barnett’s debut EP I’ve got a friend called Emily Ferris, launched in April. This local Melbourne musician is not afraid to be individual with her style and lyrics, expressed in the opening lines, ‘I masturbated to the songs you wrote. Doesn’t mean I like you man, it just helps me get to sleep. And it’s cheaper than temazepam’. This track oozes laid-back, mellow rock that may just be what today’s music scene is missing.

John Butler – Revolution

‘Revolution’ is off the live CD Tin Shed Tales, recorded from Butler’s solo tour and as always, tracks from John Butler are nothing short of inspiring and full of talent. This track in particular showcases his voice in a raw setting, with minimal backing. It’s never a chore listening to Butler, he has a voice that requires no assistance, which will surely make this CD quite a success. It’s refreshing to get rid off all the excess music and strip Butler down to nothing but his singing, definitely a smart move.

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