Mixtape #9

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Mixtape #9

Mixtape #9 for your lazy Saturday morning features the brand spanking single ‘Timelines’ from Motion City Soundtrack, ‘Banner’ from Canadian artists Lights who will be in Australia next week touring with The Jezebels, Perth duo Blanche DuBois sweet single ‘The Sum Of My Parts’, new Melbourne duo, Psycho with their forthcoming single ‘Love Thump’, Daughn Gibson with his country/dance cross over track ‘Lite Me Up’ and Yacht with their dance track ‘Le Goudron’.

Motion City Soundtrack – Timelines

The style of the vocals, ‘sifting through the broken glass, the echoes of my ancient past’, brings to mind Placebo’s Brian Molko, although the bands’ produce very different sounds. ‘Timelines’ is pumped up, full of energy and life. The track focuses on all the different stages that bring you to the present time in your life, with the main focus being ‘do you ever wonder how you got to here?’. A bit of pop and a bit of indie to form an all together feel-good track.

Lights – Banner 

‘Banner’ is filled with electronic sounds, that prompt the thought of 70s/80s video games. These are contrasted with strong and drawn out vocals, which create a dance style track but with a more relaxed tone. No doubt there will be many DJs composing remixes in the near future.

Blanche DuBois – The Sum Of My Parts

Wispy vocals and sweet melodies make for a great indie duet. One of the sisters states the track is about her ‘shitty love life’ or trying to find ‘your familiar’, however they still manage to make it sound upbeat and cheerful! Definitely a chill-out tune to get you through a long road trip or a day of work.

Psycho – Love Thump

This collaboration by Willskeaze and Miriam Thorn has produced an edgy tune with mysterious vocals. They describe themselves as dark with a hint of psychedelic sound, creating something unique and unusual. This gives an idea of what’s in store for their album, to be released in June 2012.

Daughn Gibson – Lite Me Up

In one of the most impressive crossovers we’ve seen in a while, it’s electro-sampling country crooner Daughn Gibson with a new haunting country ballad packing beats. In a follow-up to his debut LP All Hell earlier this year, Gibson is back with ‘Lite Me Up’, and like Johnny Cash, an APC, and a bag of cocaine.

Yacht – Le Goudron

Yacht showcase their creativity with ‘Le Goudron’, a dance track featuring French lyrics and funky electronic beats. The track definitely steers away from anything ordinary and expresses Yacht’s individual style, reinventing the 1969 track by Brigitte Fontaine to turn it into a dance anthem.

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