Mixtape #17

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Mixtape #17

This Saturday’s mixtape is a mix of dance, electro and chill out tunes. Featuring Chet Faker’s Remix of The Temper Trap’s Trembling Hands, Brooklyns ARMS, Bear Hug, Melbourne band Pony Face, the latest from Hot Chip,  and Eight And A Half.

The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Chet Faker Remix)

‘Post-soul’ sensation and name of the moment, Chet Faker, has lathered Temper Trap’s cathartic stadium swoon with a sexy dose of claustrophobic beats and rain-slicked keys. Completely transforming not only Dougi’s blue-eyed croon into a sinister digital narrator, but turning the uplifting Coldplay-isms of the original into a noir groove.

Bear Hug – Over The Hill

‘Over The Hill’ is reminiscent of teenage antics on a summers day in the holidays – free from responsibilities and full of good times. A track to add on those playlists for cheering up on those dull days or when you require some inspiration.

Hot Chip – Don’t Deny Your Heart 

Hot Chip are back with this instantly catchy track. Allowing listeners to travel back in time to the 70s/80s era, the retro beats are sure to get most people grooving. They know how to create quality music time and time again, with an individual style that no one can move in on.

Pony Face – Silver Tongue

The mellow vocals and electric vibe of ‘Silver Tongue’ combine to make this an addictive track. If you enjoy a bit of dance and lyrics that take you down a path of stories, then you’ll no doubt succumb to this new Pony Face track.

Eight And A Half – Go Ego

With hypnotising vocal talent like this, it’s easy to close your eyes and be transported into the song. All the elements of this track have been melded together to form a tune for those perfect lazy, ‘I’m not getting out of bed’ days.

ARMS – Summer Skills (Bump In The Night Version)

Brooklynite indie saviours ARMS had one of the year’s best kept secrets in their sophomore release, Summer Skills. Now they’ve reworked the title track from a woozy recline, complete with swooping falsetto, into a up-tempo chattering explosion of grooving percussion and silky bass. Bandleader Todd Goldstein’s vocals transplanted from a warm wash into a natty widescreen palette of fizzing energy and colour.

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