Broken Social Scene Break Up For Good?

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Broken Social Scene Break Up For Good?

Canadian band Broken Social Scene look set to go on an ‘indefinite hiatus’, after lead singer Kevin Drew gave an interview with the Huffington Post indicating that this time it might be over. The indie music supergroup have had a revolving door of almost 20 members over the last 12 years, and have gone on hiatus multiple times although they’ve always reformed in the past.

The Toronto-based band is well known for having members who mostly were engaged in other projects too. Some members have gone on to form acts such as as Stars, Apostle of Hustle, Metric and Do Make Say Think.

Lead singer Kevin Drew said in the interview “This is the healthiest thing we can do. There’s no bad blood, no problems, everyone is at peace. We’ve had a lot of inter-relationships, some have worked, some haven’t. But we all loved what we were doing. And I think we were always fair.”

“I don’t want to dilute what we’ve done,” Drew said. “But I’d like to find other ways of telling the story of our band.”

Earlier this year in an interview with Pitchfork Drew said he felt like the boy who cried wolf after so many supposed break ups. “How many times have I said last show?” he said “I’ve taken boy cries wolf to the next level. Endings have not really been something we’ve been good at, and letting go was always a scary notion for us, especially when so many families are relying on what has become Broken Social Scene and how we’ve made our living.”

After their last hiatus tended they recorded 2010 album ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’ which paved the way for over 18 months of non-stop touring. Although the tone of this hiatus has more finality we’ll keep our eye out for a reformation sometime in the future.

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