PETA Slams Noel Gallagher’s Plan To Terrorize Cattle

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PETA Slams Noel Gallagher’s Plan To Terrorize Cattle

You can always count on one of the Gallagher’s putting their foot in it at any given moment, after all it was Noel who kicked off proceedings earlier in the year at the Big Day Out when he told reporters The Amity Affliction ‘sounds like a dead turd’.

Now the latest in a long string of hilarious comments by the infamous brothers has gotten the feathers ruffled down at the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) who are calling out Noel for joking about “throwing stuff at cows”.

The comments came as Noel prepares for a well deserved holiday after the acrimonious split with his brother and the demise of his band Oasis, which contrary to earlier rumours he has no plans to reform.

Since then Noel has been keeping himself busy with his new act The High Flying Birds, who recently toured Australia as part of the Big Day Out 2012.

Responding to questions from reporters about his planned holiday, the Wonderwall singer replied that he was looking forward to taking his two sons Sonny and Donovan on a bonding trip to Ireland to visit his grandmother and terrorize cattle.

“At my grandma’s (home) in Mayo we’d run around throwing stuff at cows,” the former Oasis star said. “See, we don’t get cows in Manchester, so if you see one you just throw stuff at them. I’m looking forward to bringing my sons over so they can throw stuff at cows as well.”

But PETA, as usual, don’t see any humour in Gallagher’s comments and have come out swinging suggesting the British icon may need to seek counselling.

“A father whose idea of a family vacation includes traumatizing animals who are minding their own business should undergo empathy counselling,” a spokesman for the organization said.

“It doesn’t take a ‘godlike genius’ to realize that parents have an obligation to teach their children respect for all living beings and that they are creating monsters if they don’t teach understanding.”

“If Noel Gallagher wants his sons to grow into decent adults, he would do well to remember that.”

Noel is currently gearing up for the release of a new B-Sides compilation EP next month, which will be timed to coincide with Record Store Day.

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