Pantera Unveils Lost Track ‘Piss’ With New Music Video

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Pantera Unveils Lost Track ‘Piss’ With New Music Video

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their seminal record Vulgar Display Of Power, Pantera are releasing a special edition of the album including previously unreleased track ‘Piss’ and a DVD with live footage.

The album is due to drop next week, but in anticipation for the release a brand new music video has been unleashed. The video features a number of what we can only assume are Pantera fans, headbanging and smashing stuff in a recreation of the album’s classic cover art.

The new song and music video is probably as close as we’re going to get to anything new from the band who broke up in 2003 after years of animosity and infighting.

Despite pressure from fans, all hope of a reunion was pretty much extinguished in 2004 when guitarist Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed onstage by a deranged fan.

Earlier this year a source close to Pantera co-founder Vinnie Paul Abbott, Dimebag’s brother, said that a “large sum of money” had been put on the table for the remaining members to get back together with a series of guest guitarists filling in for Darrell.

Vinnie Paul reportedly laughed the offer “right off the table”.

Watch the music video for ‘Piss’ below.

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