Van Halen’s David Lee Roth Busts Fan Throwing Trash On Stage

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Van Halen’s David Lee Roth Busts Fan Throwing Trash On Stage

Van Halen have been around for so long now it seems, that their antics are starting to evoke a sever sense of déjà vu.

First, the famously ‘no brown M&Ms’ rockers admitted to dressing up old songs in new duds, and now David Lee Roth has again chewed out a fan for their severe lack of concert etiquette.

Last March, Diamond Dave was was admonishing some brawlers for starting a fight in the crowd during their cover of the Roy Orbison classic, ‘(Oh) Pretty Woman’ at a show.

During a recent show at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre – during a performance of the same song no less – Spinner reports that Lee Roth stopped the band to yell at an audience member who took aim at the singer with a stray bottle.

“Wait a second, wait a second” Roth urged, before announcing in his typically plucky style, “don’t throw your garbage up on stage, throw your girlfriend asshole.”

Van Halen, famous for their own in-fighting – which reportedly brought the Soundwave festival to a miserable end last year - are currently on tour in support of their latest studio album, A Different Kind Of Truth, the band’s twelfth in their forty(!) year career.

Needless to say, fans have had mixed reactions to the band’s newest material. With some hailing it is a grand return for the band and others calling the attempt for the 60-something rockers to stay ‘hip’ cringeworthy.

So are you the one throwing your girlfriend? Or your empty bottle of Evian?

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