Hip Hop Festival-goers Delayed By Zombie Attack, Wait What?

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Hip Hop Festival-goers Delayed By Zombie Attack, Wait What?

Miami’s traffic-jammed MacArthur Causeway became the scene for a bizarre gruesome attack over the weekend, as thousands of punters heading to South Beach’s annual Urban Beach Week hip-hop festival were jammed onto the Miami freeway.

Attendees of the Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs hosted event, were severely delayed along the Biscayne Boulevard after police shot and killed a man/zombie involved in a gruesome assault.

News Ltd reports that police shot a ”naked man chewing another man’s face” to death near an off-ramp of the Boulevard, after he refused police orders.

Officers were called out to the freeway to investigate reports of two men fighting. Upon arriving, the road rangers spotted the attacker “chewing on the other man’s face and ordered him to back off over a loudspeaker.” The attacker continued his zombie-esque assault to which the officer fired a warning shot.

The Herald reported that the man continued his cannibalistic attack even after being wounded, a witness later saying “as many as six shots” were fired before he ceased his attack.

Police sources stated that the victim – suspected to be homeless – was rushed to hospital with critical injuries, leaving him with “virtually no face and was unrecognisable.” While a police representative said the man “ate his victim’s nose and eyeballs.”

Police offered “cocaine psychosis” as an explanation for the attacker’s wild actions, “a drug-induced craze that makes a person very hot, which could have led him to strip off his clothes.”

Is this the first reported sign of a zombie apocalypse? CBS Miami seem to think so; reporting that during the shooting ”the man growled at the officer, and then returned to his meal.”

It also took six shots to down the naked attacker, but any good zombie survivalist knows the ol’ ‘double-tap’ rule. Twice in the head to make sure…

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