Axl Rose Bans Fans Wearing Slash T-Shirts From Guns N’ Roses Gigs. No, Really

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Axl Rose Bans Fans Wearing Slash T-Shirts From Guns N’ Roses Gigs. No, Really

It’s no secret that there’s no love lost between Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose and his former bandmate Slash, one of the most talked about rivalries in modern music.

Even though it’s approaching two decades since their acrimonious split, the bitter fued between the former friends is alive and kicking – as demonstrated by Axl’s boycott of Guns N Roses Rock Hall Of Fame induction once he learnt that Slash and other former members were invited to attend.

But jokes about Slash pissing his pants aside, the ongoing drama whilst dividing fans, has rarely got so heated it’s actually ended up involving them. That is, until now.

According to NME, management for the the current Guns N Roses lineup have made the decision to ban anyone from attending a concert if they are wearing a t-shirt with Slash on it. Because if you can’t beat them, you might as well try to rewrite them out of your history books.

The discovery was made at the band’s gig in London earlier this week, when members of the audience noticed that several other members had taken off their t-shirts and were walking around bare-chested underneath their jackets.

According to one such audience member,  18-year old James Revell, he was asked to remove his top because it featured Slash, something later confirmed by security at the event.

“We were told by the management not to allow anyone into the O2 Arena who is wearing a Slash T-shirt,” said one such guard, “and we are asking anyone who is to remove it and if they refuse they will be turned away.”

The next day Revell spoke to NME about his ordeal, saying “I felt very angry because I was looking after my little brotther at the time and felt as though my freedom to wear what I want had been taken away from me, however i did not react angrily as I didn’t want to spoil the show for him.”

“I believe they asked me to do this because Axl Rose has some problem with Slash and if he saw me wearing the shirt he might have stormed off stage.”

But it was Revell who left the venue angry that night, saying he found the whole experience ‘insulting’, revealing the band were so late to the gig and on stage that he could only stay to watch three songs.

“I have never experienced anything as insulting as that at a concert before,” he said. “I had to sit there in my little brothers jumper and wait for Axl to turn up well over an hour late, which we could only stay to watch 3 songs as we had to catch a train back.”

“I think that Axl Rose doesn’t appreciate his fans or anyone for that matter, he needs to grow up and stop acting like a child.”

 Indeed, the fued seems to be driven primarily by Axl – when we spoke to Slash a few weeks back he refused to be drawn into discussion saying “A lot of, mostly negative stuff, is perpetuated in the media, and it just keeps it on the surface all the time.”
Stories like this will no doubt keep this story on the surface for years to come.

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