A Glass Of Rolling Stones Whiskey? That’ll Be $6,000, Cheers

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A Glass Of Rolling Stones Whiskey? That’ll Be $6,000, Cheers

What with last week being the 50th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones first-ever gig, along with persistent rumours that the band will be heading out on a massive world tour to celebrate, it’s no surprise that everyone’s getting in on celebrations.

Including Japanese brewers Suntory, who are not only capitalising on the Stones’ half-century milestone, but also providing the beverage to raise your glass as well.

The Asahi Shimbun (that’s the brewery not the beer-makers) report that Suntory Liquors will be releasing a limited-edition blended whiskey to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones on October 30, complete in a bottle shaped in the band’s familiar tongue and lips logo.

Only 150 bottles of the Stones Whiskey will be produced, containing brewing ingredients coming from a landmark year in the legendary band’s career.

The whiskey will available in two single malts, from 1962 - the year the band formed, along with a 1971 variant – when the finalised Rolling Stones logo was first used by the bend. While the blended version will also feature a Yamazaki malt from 1972, the release of Exile on Main St. There are two more malts from Hakushu and Chita with grains from 1990, when the Stones made their first trip to Japan.

And how much would you expect to pay for the privilege of imbibing the special liquor? The limited edition Suntory whiskey will retail for the recommended retail price of 500,000 yen; which works out to approximately $AU 6,200. Even for the most diehard of Stones fans, that may be more arms and legs than they can afford.

It’s a nice addition to the long list of musical-based beverages, so grab a glass and have a look at our slideshow below:

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