Be Glad You Don’t Live Next To Techno Dave

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Be Glad You Don’t Live Next To Techno Dave

If the residents of St. Kilda thought a local record store’s small, local shows were worthy of noise complaints, they ain’t seen nothing yet…

A report from the UK’s Daily Mail tells the story of ‘Techno Dave’, a man who was evicted by city council after he terrorised his neighbours by playing techno and dance music at deafening volumes at all hours of the day.

The self-appointed Dave ‘Techno’ Lea, 45, moved into a flat in Bristol in 2011, and blared his intense electronic soundtrack at all hours of the day, quickly becoming the enemy of local residents. Local city council regularly received noise complaints from residents over Lea’s loud music, including one occasion when he blared his doof tunes for two days straight.

Bristol City Council said Lea had ‘hundreds’ of visitors calling at all hours for his informal raves, with a complete disregard for other residents’ peace and quiet.

It wasn’t just his noise pollution that was upsetting locals either, with councils pulling up Lea after hearing reports of Lea racially abusing a female neighbour and several incidents involving other members of its multi-cultural community, as well as allowing his dog to run amok through the estate’s some 70-odd flats.

Ealier this year, Bristol City Counil’s anti-social behaviour case officer, Christopher Jones, said that “because of his appalling anti-social behaviour, we obtained an emergency injunction on April 13, 2012, to try and curb his behaviour, but within days of the injunction being granted, he breached it and was arrested.”

Courts then banned Techno Dave from going within 100 metres of his flat before eventually evicting the rave-happy resident from the housing estate.

Lea’s next-door neighbour, who wished to remain unidentified told The Daily Mail , “since he has gone, my life has changed and I am now very happy.” Another anonymous estate resident added, “it was so loud all the time. We could all hear it. We’re glad it’s finished now.”

And what exactly does a man who listen to too much techno look like? Be on the lookout for the sall0w-skinned looking individual below, as it is none other than noise terrorist, Techno Dave.

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