Riot Erupts At Rock Concert As Police Pepper Spray Fans

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Riot Erupts At Rock Concert As Police Pepper Spray Fans

A Los Angeles show for hardcore punk band Trash Talk descended into mayhem on Monday night as fans of the celebrated California band were pepper sprayed and tasered by riot police.

Prefix reports that the Sacramento punk band were hosting a free gig to celebrate the launch of a new Nike skateboarding line in LA’s downtown area; but a number of fans were turned away at the gates from the small venue after it had reached capacity.

While Trash Talk are well-known for their chaotic live shows, things escalated out of control when riot police were called to the show and began pepper spraying out of fans that were rushing the gates in an attempt to break into the gig.

A number of fans took to social media to voice their suffering under police brutality, including a photo of the police force in question. Trash Talk themselves then began to post a number of fans’ tweets on their social media feed, including allegations that cops were using tasers to calm the punk crowd:

Trash Talk, who recently joined (fellow live controversialists) Odd Future’s record label under their own Trash Talk Collective imprint, issued a statement via their publicist claiming “they did not have any contact with the police,” while reports of those involved, injured or required hospital attention has yet to surface.

There’s already some pre-riot video of the gig appearing on YouTube, which gives an indication of the hardcore skater crowd, and how messy things could’ve gotten:

Rock n’ Roll Riots

Rock n’ Roll Riots

Sure, most bands like to end with an encore or maybe two, get wild applause and even fling a drumstick and a few guitar picks out...

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