Alexisonfire To Reform For Farewell Tour?

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Alexisonfire To Reform For Farewell Tour?

Dallas Green might be living it up with his solo project, City And Colour, and former bandmate Wade MacNeil helped come to the rescue as the new frontman for English hardcore punk band Gallows; but the two can’t seem to quite escape the legacy of the band they were originally in together, Ontario’s most beloved post-hardcore act, Alexisonfire

The band called it quits in August of last year when, according to vocalist George Petit, both MacNeil and Green had essentially left the band ahead of the official announcement of their split. A post on the band’s website explaining that Green was finding it difficult to manage the success of City and Colour with Alexisonfire, writing that:

Our last show in St Catharines, Ontario on December 19, 2010 was poised to be the last ever Alexisonfire concert with a line-up as we knew it. In the meantime, the rest of us discussed the future of the band. After much deliberation, we decided to continue and attempt the difficult task of replacing Dallas, but time got the best of us. Over the last six months, we all dealt with a litany of personal issues, which pulled us further and further from Alexisonfire.”

Ever since that final show in 2010, fans have been cloying for a proper farewell tour. Now, it looks like they may just get to have their wishes fulfilled.

A short video recently popped up on YouTube from the band’s official account, showing a rapidfire montage of images of the band’s live shows, set to the sounds of the title track of the band’s 2006 album, Crisis. The video ends with the simple message of ‘Alexisonfire Farewell Tour’ with a link to

The hyperlink jumps to a page with naught but a countdown ticker – currently at two days left at the time of writing – which will presumably reveal plans for a reunion/farewell tour. All social media related to the band all points directly to the countdown clock, so whatever plans the band have will be available directly from the website.

The question now is, what can we expect? A worldwide farewell tour? Including an Australian tour perhaps, marking the band’s first visit since the tail-end of 2010? Maybe even at a stretch – a new album?

It’s all questions at this stage, but watch this space (or the countdown clock) for all to be revealed.

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