AC/DC Fan Blasts ‘Highway To Hell’, Arrested Four Times In A Day

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AC/DC Fan Blasts ‘Highway To Hell’, Arrested Four Times In A Day

We all know that rock music is best enjoyed at maximum volume, and few rock harder and louder than AC/DC.

One Joyce Coffey knows it, but unfortunately her obsession with the Australian rock legends has gotten to the extreme that it’s gotten her in trouble with the law… four times over.

News Ltd reports that Coffey, a resident of New Hampshire in the US, was arrested four times within the space of 26 hours for playing the AC/DC classic ‘Highway To Hell’ at deafening volumes from her home.

The 54-year-old female fanatic was first issued a warning by local Police at her New Hampshire residence, only to be called back an hour alter and arresting her for her loud music and released.

Ms Coffey obviously rebelled against her decision and was arrested again five hours later by authorities – once more, she was released and arrested again for playing loud music. Then once more – for blasting ‘Highway To Hell’ and disturbing her neighbours.

The final straw came when authorities were alerted that Ms. Coffey had attempted to evict her nephew and assaulted him with a frying pan by throwing it at him, an incident that led to her being thrown in Jail.

Perhaps Ms Coffey was inspired by the computer virus that rocked an Iranian nuclear facility by blasting ’Thunderstruck’ at deafening volumes or even the antics of ‘Techno Dave’, a UK resident who was evicted from his tenement flat for his late-night raves and playing techno music at ear-splitting extremes.

In related news, ‘Highway To Hell’ was recently added to Australia’s National Registry of Recorded Sound – along with the likes of Nick Cave and Jimmy Little – in order to preserve the song so that future generations may know how to rock.

In a further form of education, pre-production on the Bon Scott biopic has begun, covering the AC/DC frontman’s formative years, his subsequent success and legacy. The screenplay has been written by a professional Bon Scott impersonator, who will also play the lead role.

If you really want to know what the offending ‘Highway To Hell’ noise terrorist looks like, that’s all four of Ms. Coffey’s mug shots below:

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