Delta Goodrem Accused Of Ripping Off ‘No Names’ Arcade Fire

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Delta Goodrem Accused Of Ripping Off ‘No Names’ Arcade Fire

Aussie pop princess and fledgling judge on Channel 9’s The Voice, Delta Goodrem, has been accused of ripping off Canadian Grammy award winners, or perhaps no name band, Arcade Fire.

While no doubt taking full advantage of her recent spotlight on TV and launching a new single, it appears some more savvy individuals have spotted some similarities between Delta’s ‘Sitting On Top Of The World’ and Arcade Fire’s 2005 track ‘Rebellion (Lies)’.

The accusations are leveled not at the lyrics of the song but particularly the piano riff that plays throughout and also the chorus. At first comparison it must be said that Delta’s creativity does not shine too brightly.

Darren Cross, former member of Gerling, wrote on his blog the E.L.F that Delta “totally rips off Arcade Fires ‘Rebellion/Lies’.” While it appears the post has now been removed the online machine has kicked into action.

Music blogs and social media quickly took to the story with Delta’s fans taking particular offence to the accusations and defending her unquestionable musicianship.

Members of Delta’s fan site,, quickly came to her defense at the nonsense suggestion that such a no-name band could possibly influence her songwriting.

One fan wrote, “other than the basic chords/beat, nothing else is similar to SOTOTW. Never heard of this band before.” While another fan stated, “well… I believe Delta is creative enough. She doesn’t need to copy anyone at all.”

Other members of the site however were quick to add that Arcade Fire have won multiple Grammy awards and also a #1 and #2 album in the US. Twitter became alive with numerous links to news articles questioning the integrity of Delta’s song and also comparisons between the achievements of Delta and Arcade Fire.

Delta co-wrote the song with American producer John Shanks, the song debuted at #2 on the Aria charts.

Check out both of the songs below and let us know if you think she ripped Arcade Fire off. We’ve also embedded a cheeky mash up of the two songs together, which bizarrely align exactly.

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