Could Gotye’s 8-Week Reign At #1 In The US Be Coming To An End? Jepsen Says ‘Maybe’

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Could Gotye’s 8-Week Reign At #1 In The US Be Coming To An End? Jepsen Says ‘Maybe’

Will Gotye’s reign at the top of the charts ever end?

Billboard‘s weekly charts report confirms that Mr. Wally De Backer is now enjoying a two-month stint in the #1 slot with Somebody That I Used To Know. The ubiquitous break-up duet has already blitzed the APRA awards, taking home three awards, and is also about to be rehashed as ten new remixes in a forthcoming release to coincide with Gotye’s American tour.

That’s not to forget it’s status as the most streamed single of the year according to the UK’s new streaming chart; and its body-paint video clip being one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time, with over 2 million+ views.

It’s runaway success has been smashing charts and records the world over, but all good things must come to an end…

Some interesting developments in the Billboard Hot 100 suggest that Gotye could be knocked out of the top spot “as soon as next week”, by the most unlikely of contenders. Namely, from Canadian pop upstart, Carly Rae Jepsen.

The Canadian Idol‘s own hit, “Call Me Maybe”, could be the song that dethrone’s Somebody‘s eight-week-running domination of the charts. The trashy tune is currently sitting in the #2 slot, with Somebody… managing to hold her from the pole position, but the “points gap between the two titles continues to shrink” according to Billboard, with sales momentum on Maybe continuing to swell in Jepsen’s favour.

‘Call Me Maybe’ is currently #1 on 12 charts globally, including Australia’s own ARIA Singles Chart, where Gotye is currently flagging at #30.

Next week will tell for certain if Gotye’s charts rule is coming to an end, but the news may come as a relief to De Backer who has already confessed he’s “a bit sick of it,” telling NME earlier this year that “there’s only so many times you can listen to the one song.”

He also took his APRA award acceptance speech as an opportunity to apologise for the song’s saturation, “Sorry for those people who listen to commercial radio and had to listen to it fifty times a day at their workplace,” he told APRA attendees before saying, “The song’s been played a lot, I know.”

There’s always room for one more listen though eh readers? Enjoy the canine/feline rendition below:

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