Summadayze Tease 2013 Lineup

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Summadayze Tease 2013 Lineup

With the likes of Big Day Out and Soundwave reaching the end of their 2013 festival lineup announcements, and organisers for St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival last week beginning to tease their own “mega dream lineup” for next year’s iteration (top hint? Cat Power); minds and hearts are beginning to turn to the summer season of music events.

What then, could be more conducive to fun in the sun than Summadayze? The Future Entertainment touring festival that’s held annually in the New year, have today teased the very first of their promo in the lead-up to next year’s offering.

Along with marketing logos and artwork popping up on the festival’s Facebook page and website, there’s confirmation that we can expect the first names for Summdayze 2013 to drop this coming Thursday 13th September.

So who can we expect? Well, there’s also a teaser for Summadayze 2013 has popped up on the festival’s Facebook and website. A short forty second montage filled with suitably sunstreaked bodies, bright colours, squiggly animations and more than few attractive girls and guys with tousled hair. So far, so promo.

The interesting part, and what could very well be a clue to the first of the 2013 Summadayze lineup, is the soundtrack. Namely, ‘The Boxer” from beat boffins, The Chemical Brothers, the single – featuring the Charlatans singer, Tim Burgess – taken from the band’s 2005 album Push The Button.

It’s of course too early to jump the gun and say that The Chemical Brothers will be headlining, but they’re certainly due for their regular visit to Australian shores. Given that it was Future Entertainment who brought Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons’ banging live show Down Under in March last year, they’ve certainly got the ability to do it again for a 2013 slot.

It might be a stretch to suggest that we can expect Tim Burgess’ outfit as well, but given Future Entertainment’s fondness for UK acts, it might not seem so far-fetched after all.

Long story short, we have little to go on, but when the first lineup announcement does drop this Thursday 13th September, we won’t be too surprised if the Chemical Brothers top the list. After all, remember the Parklife promo that featured Passion Pit? Well, the electropop group ended up appearing at Parklife 2012.

What we can expect, if last year’s mix of acts is anything to go by – featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg, Scissor Sisters and the recently defunct Pendulum – is a strong mix of acts that’ll appeal to both commercial and alternative audiences.

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