, Cairo Knife Fight II EP

on 29 March 2012 in Record Reviews

Cairo Knife Fight II EP
8 / 10

More complex and more interesting than expected, this duo makes great rock.

“Violence of Action”, the first song on II, begins with a minute of distorted, oddly entrancing guitar, and another minute and a half of instrumentals before we hear lead vocalist, Nick Gaffaney’s, falsetto. But then again, it is over eight minutes long, which means there’s plenty of room for instrumentals and vocals.

The EP as a whole reads like a strange concept album: other tracks include “The Origin Of Slaves” and “The Secrets Of Sin”. Intensely felt, with a great mix of relative calm and mindblowing jams, four songs are more than enough to get you headbanging.

No doubt explosive live, Cairo Knife Fight are an impressive listen recorded. Perhaps most impressive is that the two men manage to create such a full, exciting sound.

– Sharona Lin

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