, Freaks of the Deep

on 19 April 2012 in Record Reviews

Freaks of the Deep
8 / 10

A lightning-paced rock and roll roadtrip - like burning away a night in a 1972 Camaro.

Screaming down the endless blacktop, manifold species of succulent flashing by in the edges of your blurred vision.. Ok, so the image may be a little ragged around the edges – marred by years of use, but when it comes to rock and roll, it’s usually these worn and battered edges that make for an authentic, respectable sound.

After three years of collaboration, Melbourne three-piece Freaks Of The Deep have delivered a flashing, six-track salute to unpretentious, balls-out Rock.

Opening track ‘Run’ is a heart pumping joyride through trailer-park country, a pace which refuses to relent until track four ‘Rolling’, a bouncy pop-rock number which lends credit to FOTD’s self-proclaimed Beatles influence. Unsurprisingly tracks five and six are straight back onto the blacktop and tearing up the desert with reckless abandon, leaving the obligatory pop in the dust.

With simple but solid riffs, flawless drumming and vocals reminiscent of Dave Grohl, Freaks Of The Deep would be right at home on ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’ alongside Iggy and the Stooges, The Datsuns or the Foo’s.

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