, Bloodstreams

on 20 April 2012 in Record Reviews

8 / 10

If you like roofie coladas and waking up in a lane...

WARNING: If you are recently rehabbed or are in the process of doing whatever sober for the month foolishness is going around, take your copy of Bloodstreams and fling it out the window. DZ Deathrays have managed to put together an album that sounds like a house party. ‘Debt Death’ and ‘Dynomite’ sound like the lead up to a nasty hangover and a poorly thought out hook up before the 4am Sid-just-stabbed-Nancy darkness of ‘Dumb It Down’.

Imagine shredded vocals meeting screaming guitars and beaten up drums for a line of electro in a dirty bathroom. It is easy to see why these guys were one of the buzz bands of SXSW and also why they were booted offstage for being too loud, there simply is no other way to listen to them. The only thing better than listening to Bloodstreams will be seeing DZ Deathrays play it live.

- Madison Thomas

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