, Elliot The Bull

on 18 July 2012 in Record Reviews

Elliot The Bull
7.5 / 10

A hard-hitting, emotional acoustic album that hauls you in from the first note

If the eye-catching album artwork didn’t grasp you at first, then the beautifully composed mix of string instruments as heard in “Paint the Sky” absolutely will. Coupled with lyrics and vocals that smash the scales of splendour and emotion, the EP’s opener will leave you craving more.

Thankfully, the release is anything but front-loaded, with “Cup of Nestor” filled with well-fitted melodies and guitar work akin to City and Colour and Bon Iver, only more expansive. This is further cemented through “Say You Love Me Too”, which seems to be the major folk song on the album. Rife with banjo playing in conjunction with heartfelt lyrics throughout, it serves as one of the more touching songs on the album.

“Slept Through Winter” holds the suitable spot on the release as the powerful closer, with its active drum line and progression into folk/noise mayhem, only to crash into a solitary closing banjo riff. This piece is sure to be a fan favourite, with its catchy harmonies and a perfect blend of basic acoustic strumming and high treble ranged fretwork.

Above all else, this release indicates that Elliot The Bull seem both seasoned and in control of their unique sound – two things difficult to find in the average local band. It’s easy to forget that this indie quintet is still a small-time band due to the sheer quality of the release, and there would be no surprise if any one of these songs were to take the world by storm, but for now, let’s treasure Elliot the Bull as Australia’s best kept secret.

- Tom Gaffney

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