, Songs For The Debt Generation

on 24 July 2012 in Record Reviews

Songs For The Debt Generation
7.5 / 10

Debut longplayer from upstart duo with a big post-punk influence and feel

Living up to their name, The Spitfires illustrate to a strong degree their snotty, pissed off rage at the world in general for their debut album Songs From The Debt Generation.

With a strong influence of both the sound and philosophy of classic British punk and post-punk acts such as the Sex Pistols, The Stranglers and Elvis Costello; the duo take aim with everything they feel is unjust and wrong in the world in 2012.

Part of it comes off in quite a clever fashion, while also displaying a charmingly adolescent, middle finger attitude towards the targets they single out on tracks such as “Beat The Bankers” and particularly “Fox News”.

There is a brash and in your face style to what The Spitfires do that has been somewhat lacking in local music for a while. Songs From The Debt Generation is an excellent listen. One looks forward to what is to come from this highly talented duo.

- Neil Evans

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