, Constant Killer

on 31 July 2012 in Record Reviews

Constant Killer
6 / 10

Sexy garage rock debut avoids reinvention but deserves attention

The self-titled debut EP from Constant Killer is a solid, fun outing – perfect for dancing to or listening to while making out with the (hopefully attractive) person closest to you in a dark, grungy bar. You’re bound to have a really good time.

The Melbourne-based trio is comprised of  drummer Pete McKew, bassist Tyler Kuulber  and frontwoman and guitarist Greer Turner – who is a doppelgänger of The Kills’ Alison Mosshart. The three have a natural rapport that channels through this five song release of 90s throwback, fuzzy guitar pop.

There are some obvious influences: Nirvana, Dandy Warhols, Howling Bells, while Greer’s purring voice is sexy as hell and the lyrics are all about restlessness and wanting. “I can’t wait just one more minute,” she pouts on ‘Run Around’.

This is a good release but it’s not great, only because it’s all a bit safe. The production is top-notch and beautiful and the music is tight, but it feels a bit watered down when it should be a bit more badass. There’s so much pent up tension just wanting to get out and it doesn’t quite make it.

As well as kissing a random stranger, this type of music should make you want to also take your underwear off , but the music forces you to keep those knickers on.

Constant Killer aren’t doing anything new, but that’s totally fine. If you like three-minute garage rock gems, then this record is for you.

- Kristy Sullivan

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