, Think Bigger

on 21 August 2012 in Record Reviews

Think Bigger
7 / 10

A delightful album of contradictions that's both passionate and carefree

Think Bigger starts off sounding like the soundtrack to a road trip movie or a lazy Sunday afternoon, but cues in the lyrics alert the listener of darker songs to come.

Such as on opening track ‘Love This’, in which Cosmo Jarvis sings ‘Tony Soprano is a teacher I respect/He’s always been there when I take a nasty step.”

It’s a track like ‘Sunshine’ that really brings a storm to the horizon though. The easy-breezy sound is gone and in its place is a steady drumbeat that wouldn’t sound out of place leading troops into battle. Jarvis’s voice also surprises when it becomes a harsh yell in the chorus.

‘Whatever’ is the best example of what Cosmo Jarvis pulls off best; male vocals that are lazy sounding and Jack Johnson-esque; but thanks to his steady guitar, the listener is always provoked to sit up and pay attention.

The themes of sin and identity are obviously still being explored by Jarvis as seen in his hit song ‘Gay Pirates’, which got everyone’s attention last year. Think Bigger is a bit clunky but it is also an indication of the trend away from the ‘single’ format.

While first track ‘Love This’ and title track ‘Think Bigger’ will get the most listens, fans who put the album on from start to finish will be rewarded with a listen that is thought provoking and smile inducing.

- Hannah Joyner

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