, Southern Air

on 21 August 2012 in Record Reviews

Southern Air
8 / 10

Yellowcard’s latest and heaviest addition to their eight-strong catalogue

Pop-punk heroes Yellowcard have added yet another full length studio album to their collection, although this time things have gotten a little heavier.

The second album since returning from a two year hiatus in 2010, Southern Air showcases a new awakening for the band, as reflected in the title of the opening track ‘Awakening’.

With an emotional lyrical focus on reconnecting with their Southern roots, the 10-track album highlights the inspiration gained from a journey, but emphasises the importance of remembering where you come from and those you love.

With a fierce, fast, and catchy opening three tracks, it’s hard to pick a favourite. The upbeat and energetic ‘Awakening’ and ‘Always Summer’ display the new heavier edge the band have absorbed, but songs such as the ballad ‘Here I Am Alive’ and harmonious ‘Ten’ bring the pace back down and help create the perfect blend a solid album needs.

Producer Neal Avron, has again worked with the band to create a sound that displays the best of each of their abilities, including the unique implementation of the violin that helps to set the band apart.

The closing title track rings similar to the leading numbers; fast paced rock that you can’t get out of your head, wrapping up the album in a neat little package of heavier punk-pop goodness.

- Mairead Bilton Gough

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