, Millions Of Moments

Paul Bonadio on 24 September 2012 in Record Reviews

Millions Of Moments
5.5 / 10

A not-altogether welcome turn from one of Aussie hip-hop’s most loved outfits

Relieved of the need to remain faithful to the genre they cut their teeth on, TZU have delivered a dystopian, noir-drenched journey few would’ve expected.

Millions Of Moments, the band’s fourth LP and first in several years, removes the quirkiness of previous efforts like Smiling At Strangers and replaces it with tales of Tasmanian cannibals and 18th century stalkers.

It’s a far darker and colder offering that is broken only momentarily by a few shades of light towards the album’s final stretch.

Kudos must go to the band for breaking out and undertaking an ambition far beyond the scope of most Aussie hip-hop crews. Still, it’s almost too big a transition – especially for fans – to take.

There’s barely a rap spat and throughout many tracks there are long stretches of warehouse instrumentals.

At times it clicks. ‘Running From Zardoz’ is a pulsing spin that would look comfortable in a Matrix soundtrack. ‘Nowhere Home’ is another that drives with a rush akin to Midnight Juggernauts, and is easily the LP’s standout.

The title track, which is buried near the end of the album, is the closest thing to old school TZU on offer and provides a pleasant trip for long-time followers. The rest, however, feels slightly lifeless and lacking in the band’s trademark vibe.

Though Millions Of Moments is a worthy addition to the TZU discography, most fans and casual observers will be divided over the band’s new-found fondness for drum machines and moody ambience.

-Paul Bonadio

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