The 18 Best Conspiracy Theories In Music

on 10 May 2012 in Slideshows

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Music fans can be absolutely crazy, we know this. But nothing is as insane as some of the conspiracy theories that have been proposed by said crazies. What does come as a surprise, is that some of the strangest of the conspiracy theories in music, come from the musicians themselves. We take a look back at some of the craziest conspiracy theories in music.

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    Music fans can be absolutely crazy, we know this. But nothing is as insane as some of the conspiracy theories that have been proposed by said crazies. What does come as a surprise, is that some of the strangest of the conspiracy theories in music, come from the musicians themselves. We take a look back at some of the craziest conspiracy theories in music.

  • Beyonce&JayZCrop

    Beyonce and Jay Z are establishing a new world order

    Professor Griff of hip-hop crew Public Enemy alleged that Jay-Z, Beyonce, Diddy and more are members of the Illuminati, a secret Masonic organization that controls world affairs and events to establish a New World Order.

  • Photo of ROLLING STONES and Brian JONES

    Brian Jones was murdered.

    Brian Jones was found lying face down at the bottom of his pool. His death was determined by coroner as “death by misadventure”, however there are suggestions that a construction worker may have murdered him in the pool.

  • 6064.jimi-hendrix1

    Jimi Hendrix was murdered.

    The doctor that treated Jimi Hendrix stated that it was plausible he was murdered. Doctor John Bannister was answering claims by Hendrix’s former roadie that his manager Mike Jeffrey had Hendrix killed because he was worth more to him dead than alive.

  • icecube2

    Gangsta Rap was used to help fill America's prisons

    A very juicy (and wholly unconfirmed) theory from an anonymous record exec, from a confessional report that surfaced in 2012, implicates a music-wide conspiracy by 90s record label executives using aggressive rap and hip hop to incite America's youth to get them locked up. Why? Because the record labels' own investments in privatised US prisons meant they profited the more people there were behind bars, lining the penal system with impressionably young gangstas in order to get rich.

  • kurt-cobain-1-1

    Kurt Cobain was murdered.

    A private detective hired by Courtney Love claimed that someone else wrote sections of Cobain’s suicide note and that he had so much heroin in his system, he wouldn’t have been able to pull the trigger.

  • RollingSTones

    The FBI plotted to end The Rolling Stones' career

    Have you heard the one about Britain's MI5 collaborating with the FBI to sabotage the Rolling Stones image? Allegedly, the infamous 1967 Redlands drug raid on the Stones' mansion was concocted by the two agencies to ruin the band's chances of touring America - using the band's drug dealer, 'Acid King Dave', as a mole to infiltrate the Stones' inner sanctum. But according to a 'confession' from the Acid King, the whole operation backfired and instead made the Stones bigger than ever. Blimey!

  • Men_Jim_Morrison_026917_

    Jim Morrison is alive

    Jim Morrison died of suspicious circumstances in the bath of his Parisian apartment found by his girlfriend Pam Courson. Some people believe that Jim Morrison faked his own death, and according to a rodeo photographer is currently living in Oregon working on a ranch.


    Morrissey foretold death of Princess Diana

    The Smiths album The Queen Is Dead features a song ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’, that mentions death and a darkened underpass. The 13th word on side 1 is “Arches” and the 13th word on side 2 is “smash”, Princess Diana died when her car hit the 13th arch of the Alma Tunnel.

  • paulmc1

    Paul McCartney Is Dead

    A rumour of Paul McCartney’s death started after a car crash in 1967, however it wasn’t until 1969 when a group of Iowa students noted that if you listened to ‘Revolution 9’ backwards you heard the message “turn me on, dead man”. Similarly, the front cover of Abbey Road is often cited as a funeral procession, with a barefooted Paul as the dead man.

  • Britpop

    Britpop was a government conspiracy

    At least that's according to My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields, who claims the 'Cool Britannia' movement that boomed in the mid-90s "was massively pushed by the government." Claiming the great Blur/Oasis rivalry may have been cooked up by then-PM Tony Blair, while the likes of Pulp, Suede, Elastica, and The Charlatans were used to push patriotism upon the youth. "Someday it would be interesting to read all the MI5 files on Britpop," he claimed in a 2013 interview; "The wool was pulled right over everyone’s eyes there.”

  • ledzeppelin1024x768

    Stairway To Heaven played backwards is Satanic

    Backmasking was first used by the Beatles, and has been used by plenty of artists for different reasons. However, in the eighties, Christian groups in America started crying foul at supposed satanic messages in reverse in rock and roll songs. Led Zeppelin were accused of having a backmasking messaging pertaining to “my sweet Satan”, whilst the message “it’s fun to smoke marijuana” can be found in Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust.’ In reverse.

  • Elvis-Presley-009

    Elvis is alive.

    Plenty of people have voiced the idea that Presley’s death could have been a hoax to afford the singer a lifetime of freedom from the public eye. But it wasn’t until a book by Gail Brewer Giorgio entitled Is Elvis Alive was published in 1988 that the theory gained traction, even spawning the website. One theory is that President Nixon appointed him an undercover DEA agent to fight drug use. Thank you very much

  • Jack_&_Meg,_The_White_Stripes

    The White Stripes are brother and sister.

    Along with their strange obsession with red white and black, The White Stripes’ penchant for obtuse aesthetics included presenting themselves as brother and sister. The truth, however, was that Jack and Meg were married for four years until the turn of the century. They obviously still remained friends, with Meg being the “best man” at Jack’s next wedding, to model Karen Elson.

  • robert_johnson_-_fan_art

    Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil .

    It’s alleged that as a young man growing up in Mississippi, Johnson was instructed to goto a local plantation after midnight. There, Johnson, who had always wanted to be a successful Blues musician was greeted by the Devil. The Devil played a few songs on Johnson’ guitar then promptly returned it. When Johnson played the guitar immediately after, he had a mastery of the instrument.

  • elliott_smith02_website_image_photography_standard

    Elliott Smith was murdered

    Since the singer’s death in 2003, there have been countless murder allegations. While officially ruled a suicide, the death is considered suspicious as reports say Smith stabbed himself in the chest and that his own name was spelt incorrectly in his suicide note.

  • dr-dre-685211

    Dr. Dre is responsible for Burning Man .

    A while ago rumors started circulating that Dr. Dre was the man behind the epic (but creepy) Burning Man festival. Apparently on a trip to Nevada, Dre saw means to “ make some loot off of these fools.”

  • MindControl

    Nazi Music Mind Control

    This one's pretty complicated, but it's got all the makings of an amazingly batshit insane conspiracy: from shadowy groups manipulating international standards to evil Nazi scientists. Basically, it suggests that the standard sonic frequency of 440 hertz, otherwise known as the 'Concert A' pitch that all music tuning is based on, was slowly and delibeartely altered over time to generate mind controlling properties for the masses. Grab your tinfoil hats, it's quite the read.

  • Pink-Floyd-0

    Dark Side of the Rainbow.

    In 1995, no doubt in a hazy college dorm room, it was discovered that there’s a great synchronicity between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. That is, if you play the album as an alternate soundtrack to the film, they're perfectly synchronised. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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